Crypto Stock Foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the development and growth of the Crypto Stock ecosystem.

Crypto Stock Foundation aims to unlock the global economic potential of the stock market and introduce it to the crypto world, making the market more liquid and open, as well as allowing people in the banked and unbanked worlds to access financial markets using crypto 24/7, also with amounts starting from one dollar.

Our Vision

Our goal is to give everyone in the world access to the financial market with no middlemen and in a decentralized way.

Own your favourite stock in an ERC20 wallet and take part in the global financial market without banks and financial institutions.

“Laudamos veteres, sed nostris utemur annis.”

(Ovidio, 43 BC – 18 AC)


What we do

We issue Crypto Stock tokens linked to the major stocks and indices.

Our Crypto Stock tokens replicate the real price of stocks and indices thanks to state of the art technology.


Trade the major stocks and
indices directly with crypto

Own your cryptostock (Tm)
directly in your ERC20 – DEX wallet

Not collateralized with fiat but with BTC/ETH. Live and stay in the crypto world.

Trade stocks and indices 24/7 You can buy and sell stocks outside standard trading hours

Participate in the governance of your crypto stocks

You can modify the security and collateral parameters and vote to improve the security and the stability of the Crypto Stock ecosystem.