United Stock Exchange Dollar (USxD)

United Stock Exchange Dollar (USxD) is the stablecoin issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation, which is pegged to the US dollar. Its value is therefore stable. 

What is the United Stock Exchange Dollar (USxD) used for?

  • USxD is always used in pairs with Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation;
  • USxD is the governance token of the Crypto Stock Foundation, which is a DAO: users can make proposals and vote for updates to the Crypto Stock ecosystem using USxD tokens. 

United Stock Exchange Dollar (USxD) token details:


The audit of USxD is available on Github.

USxD Token allocation 

  • 15874200 (88.1764%), Ecosystem incentives
  • 2000400 (11.1135%), on AnyCryptoStock exchange
  • 125070 (0.6948%), on Sushiswap DEX
  • 280 (0.0016%), on Pancake Swap
  • 20 (0.0001%), on users wallets

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Exchanges that list USxD

  • AnyCryptoStock;
  • SushiSwap (in pair with xAAPL),
  • Pancake Swap
  • DodoSwap

USxD, the long journey

At the time of its release, the Crypto Stock Foundation defined USxD to be purchasable at a price of 1USD = 1USxD.

USxD was first listed on the AnyCryptoStock exchange where it can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum and used to trade tokenized exchange stocks. 

It was subsequently listed on Sushiswap (in a pair with xAAPL), Pancake Swap and DodoSwap in a pair with ETH.

The Crypto Stock Foundation wants to list USxD on major centralised and decentralised exchanges and monitoring platforms within 12 months of its market debut date (January 2021). USxD is currently listed on BlockFolio

USxD, as its name suggests (United Stock Exchange Dollar) also wants to be a medium of exchange to experience the world of cryptocurrencies beyond the Crypto Stock ecosystem. 

Within 18 months of its launch, and thus presumably in June 2022, USxD will, in the intentions of the Crypto Stock Foundation, have achieved the necessary liquidity to also be fully used as a governance token through the voting system that the Crypto Stock Foundation is setting up.