AnyCryptoStock is the first exchange to list Crypto Stocks

  • 13 January 2021
  • Author: Cryptostock

AnyCryptoStock is the first exchange to list Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation. This first agreement officially kicks off the venture of Crypto Stocks into the market. 

As of today, it is already possible to trade Crypto Stocks on AnyCryptoStock and buy shares of the most important listed companies in the form of ERC20 tokens. From Amazon and Google to Facebook and Coca Cola, AnyCryptoStock has listed all Crypto Stocks so far issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation. Crypto Stocks are paired with the USxD stablecoin

AnyCryptoStock is a decentralized cross-chain exchange that harnesses the power of the blockchain to ensure fast and secure transactions. 

Fully embracing the Crypto Stock Foundation’s philosophy of offering Crypto Stocks as a new investment tool accessible to all, AnyCryptoStock will allow trading 24/7, even when the financial markets (to which the prices of Crypto Stocks are linked) are closed. 

AnyCryptoStock will also allow for fractional purchasing of Crypto Stocks. Thus, the exchange, in full compliance with the Foundation’s requirements, is accessible to all types of investors, from professional traders to small savers. 

AnyCryptoStock, the first DEX to list Crypto Stocks

AnyCryptoStock presents itself as a decentralized and secure exchange. It does not have a central entity that controls it. 

Upon registration, the user must set a username and a password and will receive a seed, this information has to be safeguarded. Since AnyCryptoStock is a DEX, user credentials are not stored by the platform. This choice ensures full respect for privacy as well as security. 

To start trading, the user must first trade Bitcoin or Ethereum for USxD

Transactions are not recorded on the exchange but are validated on the blockchain. Thanks to special technologies and consensus mechanisms, AnyCryptoStock guarantees fast transactions within a matter of seconds

The funds deposited by users are not kept by AnyCryptoStock but remain in the wallet associated with each account. This protects the tokens and cryptocurrencies deposited on AnyCryptoStock from attacks

This first agreement with AnyCryptoStock is a milestone for the Crypto Stock Foundation and the proliferation of the Crypto Stock economy. The future of investing has begun, in the name of blockchain and decentralization.