Crypto Stock Performance: global markets crash

  • 27 February 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the fourth week of February 2021 foreign exchange markets move in a consolidation, but overall sentiments are low. On the other side commodities like silver, crude oil, WTI oil played very bad and dropped in the last 3 days of the week. We can expect a new target of gold at 1810 this week, so if anyone wants to open a position in gold you can open your position when it touches 1790.
NYSE losses 170 points which is 1.11% and now moving at 15206. S&P 500 lost 140 points in the index and is now moving at 3846.

Crypto Stock Performance

In the fourth week of feb we work on 3 different stocks: 

  1. NETFLIX (xNFLX); 
  2. HSBC Holdings (xHSBC); 
  3. COCACOLA (xKO). 

Let’s start with HSBC, as we predict last week that xHSBC has potential to go up and the same thing happened HSBC gained 4.5% but in the last day of week HSBC takes international market pressure and dropped by 4.2%

Our another successful prediction was about Netflix and xNFLX sustains 12 points which is 2% of the stock.

And in the last xKO, ko was moving in an uptrend but the same thing happened in ko, it takes pressure off other markets and goes down. As you know all the financial markets were down in last 2 days.

If we talk about other stocks: Microsoft was moving in declining trend but today a big bullish candle has made in xMSFT so now we can expect an upside momentum but still it is not safe; xBABA dropped by 12%, xTSLA dropped by 22%. These two stocks are loss points heavily

Upcoming stock

  1. APPLE

Apple and Amazon both are moving in a same pattern, correlation is strong positive so we can play in these stocks. Google is looking safe in this week so we will work with these 3 stocks.