Crypto Stock Performance of the week: xTLSA loses 8%

  • 20 February 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the third week of February 2021 foreign exchange market gave good returns in swings but overall sentiments are low. On the other side commodities like silver, crude oil, WTI oil played very well but gold was not performed. We can expect a new target of gold at 1840 in this week, so if anyone wants to open position in gold now you can.
NYSE gains only 19 points and now moving at 15290.

S&P500 added only 39 points in the index and now moving at 3908.

Crypto Stock Performance

In the third week of feb we work on 3 different crypto stocks

  1. NETFLIX (xNFLX); 
  2. APPLE (xAAPL); 
  3. Last but not least AMAZON (xAMZN). 

All these stocks are not able to perform very well, due to external pressures like macros or other financial markets pressure, but still we gave you successful calls in which you make lots of profit this week. 

The week has gone bad for each and every financial market including BSE SENSEX, PSX Pakistan Stock Exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ, foreign exchange and others but still we gave you short term calls.

If we talk about other stocks:

  • xMSFT was stable (not bearish nor bullish) moving in a consolidation;
  • xGOOG same for good (not bearish nor bullish) moving in a consolidation;
  • xBABA drops by 6% and still we can expect more drop down in BABA;
  • xTSLA drops almost 74 points which is around 8% of the stock;
  • xV drops by 6% and it will go more down for the next week;
  • xHSBC played positively and gained by 6%, it was steep incline so now we can expat a recovery or correction;
  • xUMC dropped by 7% and it was steep decline so we can expect a little recovery but it will not enough suitable for us;
  • xWMT faces huge selling pressure on 18 Feb and in a single day it drops by more than 6% which is extremely horrible;
  • xNVDA was stable not bullish nor bearish.

OUR 3 Picks for upcoming Week

  1. COCA COLA (xKO);
  3. HSBC (xHSBC).

Now we hope these 3 stocks will perform good in the market, we analyse these 3 stocks on technical basis and these all are good to go.