Crypto Stock Performance: xGOOG impressive

  • 6 March 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In first week of March all the international markets face downtrend. If we look at S&P500, index loses 188 points which is 4.8% of the index. On the other side NYSE loses 809 points which is 5% of the index. All other indexes perform worst as well. Over all sentiments are low.

If we look on commodities so it loosed 7% and crude oil gains 10% which is quite impressive and that’s why oil marketing end exploration performs well.

Individual share performance 

APPLE (xAAPL): as we gave you call in previous report that Apple will touch the resistance and then pull back, the same thing happened and we make profits through swings;
AMAZON (xAMZN): Amazon performs good in swings but doesn’t perform very well as we expected;
GOOGLE (xGOOG): Google was quite impressive, stock price moves in consolidation which helps us in swing trading; 
MICROSOFT (XMSFT): xMSFT chart is still not looking good;
ALIBABA (XBABA): loses 14 points which is 5.6% of the index;
TESLA (xTSLA): xTSLA chart is same like xMSFT both are not looking stable;
HSBC (xHSBC): xHSBC try to make double top in the chart so we can expect a good swings in HSBC in the upcoming week;
NETFLIX (xNFLX): Stock looses almost 8% and we can expect a recovery from this side.

Stocks for upcoming week

  1. APPLE
  2. HSBC


In this week Apple performs good and now it is reaching towards support so we can expect a good recovery from this side. 


HSBC makes a double top, if it breaks the neckline of double top so we can expect an upside momentum in this stock and volumes are stable, RSI is stable, other indicators are stable as well.


Facebook is moving in consolidation so we can play in swings which will help us in order to make good returns in short term trading