Crypto Stocks performance of the week: eyes on Visa (xV)

  • 17 April 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

This week, on Anycryptostock exchange Visa (xV) and Apple (xAAPL) played very good performances.

  • Visa (xV): as we discussed in our previous article xV has potential to go up. In the recent week xV increased by 3% and we are still confident with Visa.
  • HSBC (xHSBC) was moving in consolidation and we made good return on short term call with swing tradings.
  • Nasdaq (xQQQ) increased by almost 4% while Facebook (xFB) looses 2.4% but with swings we made good return in the start of week.
  • Apple (xAAPL) performed very well and increased by 5%. In this week xAAPL stocks played very smartly and taking correction time to time. No corrections are due. Stocks is good to go for long, so we can consider it for our next week sessions.
  • Amazon (xAMZN) was in consolidation and there is no positive sign in this crypto stock on 1h or 4h charts. 
  • Microsoft (xMSFT) increased by 2.8%.
  • Alphabet (xGOOG): increased by 0.07% and was trading at consolidation so it’s not attractive at current rate.
  • Alibaba (xBABA) is moving in accumulation from previous 3 weeks and now is trading at resistance level so there are highly chances that xBABA stocks will move downward and it will hurt investor sentiments.

Upcoming Crypto Stocks: still look at Visa (xV)

We are considering 4 stocks in this week:

  • Visa (xV), we are working with xV from past 3 weeks and still we are considering Visa as a potential stocks;
  • Apple (xAAPL) is performing very well and no correction due on this crypto stock;
  • HSBC (xHSBC): this will be our second week with HSBC;
  • Bank of America (xBAC): we are continuing with xBAC after two weeks so we are hoping that it will help us to find good opportunities.

International Markets Performances

All the international markets like PSX, NIFTY, SESEX, NASDAQ played well in this week but people are interested in swings more than long term trades. Volumes are stable, people are getting interested in investing their money in financial markets.Commodities and forex market was in accumulation phase we we can expect a downfall and upside momentum in upcoming week