Crypto Stocks Performance of the week: a little drop for xAAPL

  • 20 March 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

All the international markets face correction in the last 3 days of weeks. Markets take pressure from the USA monetary policy announcement. S&P 500 drop by 73 points which is almost 2% of the index, on the other hand NYSE added 63 points which is almost 0.63% of the index. Commodities perform good in this week as well as forex.

Crypto Stocks Performance

Overall sentiments are good for all crypto stocks, volumes are increasing week by week. This week all stocks performed good so we can expect a correction next week and maybe investors face some problems in trading and swings but we are here to guide you and give opportunities in trending stocks, so that you can earn a good amount of return on your investment.

  1. APPLE (xAAPL): drops only 0.09 points but gave good swings;
  2. AMAZON (xAMZN): drops only 1.87 points and gave good swings, and showing good opportunities in future
  3. MICROSOFT (xMSFT): drops 1.81 points, stocks was going well but the last day of trading was gone horrible, overall sentiments are low now
  4. GOOGLE (xGOOG): moves in a consolidation and drop by 18 points
  5. TESLA (xTSLA): drops by 48 points but on small time frame it performed well

This week calls

All the buy calls are from xV, xPYPL, xWMT and xBAC

  1. VISA (xV): it gave us small and safe return because it was moving in a consolidation;
  2. WALMART (xWMT): performs outstanding on 15m time frame and still giving opportunities for long term;
  3. PAYPAL (xPYPL): was going good but last day was bad, overall performance was good;
  4. BANK OF AMERICA (xBAC): it is low risk stock and performed as per our forecast and still giving opportunities

Uocoming call:

Our upcoming call will be from xWMT, xBAC, xAMZN and xKO.
xBAC will be safest but slow, xWMT gives long opportunity and xKO and xAMZN also looks good