Crypto Stocks performance of the week: bullish signals for Visa (xV)

  • 27 March 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the fourth week of March we picked and worked on Visa (xV), Walmart (xWMT), Amazon (xAMZN) and Bank of America (xBAC).

  • Amazon (xAMZN): up 1.2%, it performed really well in the start of week and still have potential to up further
  • Visa (xV): it was our top pick, it increased by 4% and still we are expecting a further bullish signals;
  • Walmart (xWMT): it added 4% points in the stock and gave good opportunities;
  • Bank of America (xBAC): we face a breakout of channel after almost 3 months but still in the last we earned from xBAC

Other active Crypto Stocks:

  • Apple (xAAPL): it just increased by 0.4% and still we are not having any positive vibe from xAAPL;
  • Microsoft (xMSFT): it increased by 4% and the last candle was formed in a good shape, itis indicating a good sign; 
  • Tesla (xTSLA): it dropped by 14%, investor sentiments are low in this stock
  • HSBC (xHSBC): 4.3% upside momentum in HSBC
  • Netflix (xNFLX): it was performing in consolidation, no profit no loss 

Upcoming Crypto Stocks: xV a top priority

  • Visa (xV): again, we are considering xV as our top priority because still some indicators like RSI, MA and MACD are giving positive signals so we can expect a bullish rally in this is script and make swings in this ticker;
  • Google (xGOOG): it is performing in consolidation from a long time, so we can expect a breakout from this script;
  • Facebook (xFB): it completed the correction now we can see a clear way
  • Cocacola (xKO): it is making channel, so lets be a part of this channel

International markets and index

All the international markets look stable. If we look at KSE100, it performs really well and increased by 3.91% and now is trading at 45K. On the other side S&P500 shows upside momentum of 0.8% and NYSE drop by 3% (maybe NYSE takes roll over week pressure)
Among the commodities, Gold drop by 1.5% while crude oil moved in a consolidation for the whole week and all sentiments are positive.