Crypto Stocks performance of the week: outstanding Facebook (xFB)

  • 3 April 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

First we will share our weekly trading performance, we work with Cocacola (xKO), Alphabet (xGOOG), Visa (xV) and Facebook (xFB)

  • Alphabet (xGOOG): xGOOG added 6% points and steal the show as we informed you;
  • Visa (xV): xV Increased by 5.51% which is another hit and still we have more opportunities in it;
  • Cocacola (xKO): xKO only added 0.12% points and moved in a consolidation but our swing call were effective;
  • Facebook (xFB): xFB is up 6.64% which is another hit. All our picks performed outstanding.

Other Crypto Stocks

  • Apple (xAAPL) is moving in consolidation from past 3 weeks and we don’t have any opportunity in this stocks right now, sentiments are low and all the indicators are also performing under pressure and volumes are quite low;
  • Amazon (xAMZN) performed good but now its trading on a resistance level so it would be dangerous at this level;
  • Tesla (xTSLA) is moving in a channel and we can consider TSLA for our pick;
  • Netflix (NFLX) is also moving in a channel and right now it’s trading on resistance;
  • Walmart (xWMT): has increased by 3%;
  • Nvidia (xNVDA): increased by 10% which is incredible and unpredictable.

Next Picks

Our next picks will be xV, xTSLA, xKO and xHSBC:

  • Visa (xV) is still performing with full of sentiments and good to trade at 4h candle;
  • Cocacola (xKO) indicators are showing positivity for the upcoming week;
  • HSBC (xHSBC) is moving on resistance if it breaks resistance it will skyrocket;
  • Last but not least, Tesla (xTSLA) is moving in a strong channel, we can make swings.

International markets and index

All the markets looks positive for this week and we are expecting good opportunities in the upcoming week because all investors who invested their money in future market square up all their investment due to roll over week, so now we can see bull vs bear and there are high chances that bulls will steal the show.

The only negativity is corona third wave. it will effect all the markets as well our Crypto Stocks but we will plan our trades in swings and use protective stop loss