Crypto Stocks performance of the week: unexpected increase for Microsoft (xMSFT)

  • 10 April 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the second week of April 2021 Microsoft (xMSFT) stands out with a 9% gain. We picked and worked with 4 stocks: Cocacola (xKO), Visa (xV), HSBC (xHSBC) and Tesla (xTSLA).

  • Visa (xV): it increased by 3%. We indicate in our previous report that visa will perform good and again we are informing you that xV still have some positive indicators in long term charts that it will go upward again and maybe it will make another high;
  • HSBC (xHSBC): it increased by 3.53% and still have potential to go up;
  • Cocacola (xKO): it increased by 1.55%, it’s not too much but we gave you 3 calls in this week regarding xKO and all are gone successful in swings, so please keep eye on our social media handles for more update;
  • Tesla (xTSLA): 5.07% up in this week, we indicate you that xTSLA is moving at support and it will go up and it happened.

Other Crypto Stocks: Microsoft (xMSFT) stands out

  • Apple (xAAPL): after many weeks finally Apple performed really outstanding but we cannot pick xAAPL for the next week, because after a steep incline now price is moving in a overbought zone;
  • Amazon (xAMZN): Amazon and Apple are highly correlated with each other, xAMZN performed same as xAAPL, it increased by 6% and now is trading at overbought zone;
  • Microsoft (xMSFT): it increased by 9% which was unexpected; 
  • Alphabet (xGOOG): it increased by 9% as well. 

All of them played really well but they were risky

Our priority is to provide you with low risk stocks, that’s why we use different chart indicators in order to know the risk of the asset then we pick stocks for next week

Upcoming Stocks

Our next retained picks are xHSBC and xV. New assets are Facebook (xFB) and Nasdaq (xQQQ)

It’s the first time we are going to play with xQQQ and we are really confident that we will provide you with good services and recommendation.

xFB is a very expensive asset but they have high fluctuation so we can earn with small positions as well.

xV and xHSBC are retained from previous week.

International Markets and Index

Corona cases are increasing in all over the world, economies are going towards lockdown, investors are losing their confidence in long term trades but they are making sings in stocks, crypto, forex and etfs as well
Bitcoin increased by 0.11%. All the forex pair and commodities also perform in accumulation and consolidation. 

Bombay Stock Exchange and Pakistan Stock Exchange performs good.