Crypto Stocks performance of the week: xAAPL in consolidation

  • 24 April 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the third week of this month on AnyCryptoStock exchange, we work with 3 stocks which are Apple (xAAPL), HSBC (xHSBC) and Visa (xV).

  • Apple (xAPPL): overall week performance is not attractive but as we gave you predictions about the swings we did the same thing. And we are still expecting good upside momentum from xAAPL. In this week Apple moved in a consolidation, once it break the consolidation we will open our long positions in apple;
  • Visa (xV): it increased by 4.8% which is more than enough; 
  • HSBC (xHSBC): it is similar to Apple. It’s not looking attractive on a weekly basis but making good swings in 15m and 4h candles.

Other crypto stock performances

  • Amazon (xAMZN): it decreased by 2.3% and now is trading at the resistance level so that we can expect 4 to 5 bullish candles from this side;
  • Microsoft (xMSFT): it decreased by 0.2%;
  • Alphabet (xGOOG): it decreased by 0.08% 
  • Alibaba (xBABA): it decreased by 6.8%  and now is trading the low. At this point baba is resisting, we can expect a recovery from this level. Trend line is supporting this area and giving bull signs. So we can take it as our pick for upcoming week
  • Tesla (XTSLA): is going to make a triangle channel. We are hoping that it will break the channel from upside then we will start trading in tsla.

Upcoming Crypto Stocks: Apple (xAAPL) predictions

In the upcoming week on AnyCryptoStock we are going to work with Apple (xAAPL), Visa (xV), Alibaba (xBABA) and Cocacola (xKO).

We are expecting more swings in Apple and mid term position in Alibaba. On the other hand we will work in Cocacola and Visa according to the channels.

International Markets and Indices

All the international markets performed very well this week. But we are hearing some negativity about Corona in different countries, like India. All the world is going to boycott indian flights so it will definitely hurt the whole indian economy and sensex as well. Foreign exchange investors are taking pressure from these corona spread news. So our strategy is to play safe and make swing trades. Because if we go for long it would be dangerous and badly destroy our portfolio