Crypto Stocks Performance: xNFLX top gainer of the week

  • 13 March 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

In the second week of March we observe low sentiments of buyers. Data on this week shows low trades, this means people take long positions in stocks which is good for upcoming sessions.

S&p500 gain more than 80 points which is 2.3% of the index, on the other hand NYSE added 460 points which is 3.06% of the index.

Commodities perform good in this week

xNFLX top gainer of the week

Overall sentiments are good in crypto stocks: people are getting interested if we analyse volume of crypto stocksĀ  so we can see a slightly upside momentum in volumes which shows investor behavior and indicates positive sign.

APPLE: xAAPLS is up 5% in this week and gave good returns.

AMAZON: xAMZN added 170 points and up by 5.03% and is still indicating good signs.

MICROSOFT: xMSFT added 9 points which is 4% of the stock and touch the resistance point so we can expect a downside trend from this side

ALIBABA: xBABA is up by 2.26%.

VISA: xV performs very well and added 13 points which is 6.07% up and still showing positive sign so we can expect another high from this stock.

NETFLIX: xNFLX also performs very well and we can say it is a top gainer by safely secured 7.4% in this week.

WALMART: xWMT added 5.56% points

So in the second week of March almost all the stocks and indices performed very well while in the first week we faced bloodbath in all the stocks. If we predict 3rd week performance of the stocks on a macro basis, in the 3rd week stocks will move in consolidation so we can make profits in swings.


  1. VISA (xV)

This week we will work on 4 stocks and all these 4 stocks are having positive indicators: RSI moving on a low, MA of 30 and 20 are crossed each other so we can expect a new candle formations in this week

We are expecting too much from BAC while PYPL just give us small returns on short term, we will use BAC for long and PYPL for short term positions.