What is the Crypto Stock Foundation?

The Crypto Stock Foundation is the first organization in the world to promote stock trading using ERC20 tokens. Typically, stock trading is performed using fiat currencies. The Crypto Stock Foundation wants to revolutionize this concept and bring the trading of shares of major listed companies directly on the blockchain

What does the Crypto Stock Foundation do?

The Crypto Stock Foundation issues ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, which represent fractions of shares linked to existing financial products in traditional financial markets. This provides access to the stock market even to those who are otherwise distant from this world. Finance becomes affordable for everyone, without intermediaries.

How does governance work?

Proposals will be regularly made to the community, which can autonomously decide how will the CryptoStock ecosystem work, for example, regarding security aspects or the collateral of the shares.

What are the advantages of Crypto Stocks?

Crypto Stocks connect the world of traditional finance to that of the blockchain, allowing even those who are unfamiliar with financial markets to invest in Tesla or Google, for example. Crypto Stocks are intended for everyone: large investors or small savers, who can decide to buy even just fractions of Crypto Stocks and determine the amount they want to invest independently.

Where can Crypto Stocks be bought?

The Crypto Stock Foundation will list Crypto Stocks on the exchanges that request them. Here you can check the list of exchanges that already allow trading with Crypto Stocks.

I am an exchange, how can I list Crypto Stocks?

If you would like to list Crypto Stocks on your platform, please contact the Crypto Stock Foundation here.

What is USxD?

USxD is a cryptocurrency token native to the Crypto Stock ecosystem. It is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, which does not suffer from the volatility typical of cryptocurrencies as its value is directly tied to the US dollar. 

1 USxD = $1

Its starting supply is 18,000,000 USxD but the Crypto Stock Foundation and its governance may increase it. 

What is USxD for?

USxD is the currency required to purchase Crypto Stock. USxD is also the governance token of the Crypto Stock Foundation. Users who wish to make proposals or vote must hold a predetermined amount of USxD with which they can actively participate in the development of the Crypto Stock Foundation

What are crypto stocks?

These are stocks tokenized on the Ethereum network that represent the shares of the biggest giants listed on the world stock markets. They can be bought as a whole, or it is possible to buy only a fraction of each Crypto Stock

Where can I store USxD?

USxD can be held in any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard.