How to buy Crypto Stocks

  • 26 January 2021
  • Author: Cryptostock

It is now possible to buy Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation. Below we will explain how to do it. 

Crypto Stocks are currently listed on the AnyCryptoStock exchange. 

This is a decentralized, cross-chain exchange. The first step is to sign up to the exchange, which requires a few simple steps:

  • Enter a username;
  • Enter a password;
  • Write down the seed that will be generated.

The seed is the sequence of 12 words that is associated with the account. AnyCryptoStock, being decentralized, does not store any of this information, so the user will have to write down the information, being careful to store it carefully. Losing this data will result in your account and funds not being accessible. 

The steps to buy Crypto Stocks

All Crypto Stocks are listed in pairs with USxD, the stablecoin issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation and pegged to the US dollar. 

Therefore, after completing the registration process at AnyCryptoStock, you will need to purchase USxD before buying Crypto Stocks. USxD can be purchased by depositing the desired amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum held in your wallet using the Balance section. In this case, the user may be asked to verify the email where a 6-digit code will be sent. 

At this point, the user will have the amount of USxD obtained by converting their Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Now it is possible to proceed with the purchase of Crypto Stocks in the Trade section which features the typical interface of any exchange, with charts, order book, and section to buy the desired Crypto Stocks. 

The user simply enters the desired quantity and makes the transaction. Thanks to the blockchain supporting AnyCryptoStock, the transaction is validated in seconds and the Crypto Stock purchased will be available in the account balance. 

Crypto Stocks can be purchased as a whole or in fractions. For example, acquiring Amazon Crypto Stock (xAMZN) does not necessarily require 3,100 USxD. You can decide to buy even one cent of xAMZN by investing only 31 USxD and getting 0.01 xAMZN. 

Whole or in fractions, any Crypto Stocks can be transferred out of AnyCryptoStock and stored on any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard.

It’s that easy!