Introducing Crypto Stock Foundation, shares become ERC20 tokens

  • 13 January 2021
  • Author: Cryptostock

Here is Crypto Stock Foundation, the world’s first organization focused on trading Crypto Stocks, which are innovative investment products within everyone’s reach.

The Crypto Stock Foundation is the custodian and holder of Crypto Stocks, ERC20 tokens that represent the shares of the leading publicly traded companies

The foundation will issue Crypto Stocks for the centralized and/or decentralized exchanges that request them. The public companies include Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Visa and Tesla. Over 40 Crypto Stocks have already been created by the foundation and will soon be released on the market.  

The first exchange where Crypto Stocks will be listed is the decentralized cross-chain exchange AnyCryptoStock. Other exchanges that apply to the foundation will be added in the future.

The list of Crypto Stocks will grow as the Crypto Stock Foundation establishes itself as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will give its community the ability to decide the future listing of new assets. 

Along with Crypto Stocks, the Crypto Stock Foundation has also launched the USxD stablecoin. Anchored to the US dollar, its value is fixed, meaning that 1 USxD will always equal 1 USD. 

Crypto Stocks are listed in pairs with USxD. Therefore, in order to start trading, users need to exchange Bitcoin or Ethereum for USxD, deposit USxD on the wallet connected to the Crypto Stock exchange, and start trading. 

The market of Crypto Stocks, despite being related to the stock market, is actually open 24/7. Another distinction between Crypto Stocks and the traditional shares that can be bought on stock exchanges is the ability to buy only fractions of them. In fact, it is not necessary to buy an entire Crypto Stock, it is possible to buy just a part of it.

This makes Crypto Stocks a suitable investment product for everyone: from the small saver to the professional trader. 

Crypto Stocks and USxD can be held in any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard. 

The goal of the Crypto Stock Foundation is to create a new way of trading that can bring the unbanked closer to the stock market world and that of cryptocurrencies, within a truly democratic ecosystem, which is what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all about.