The week of Crypto Stocks: pay attention on Microsoft (xMSFT)

  • 15 May 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

This week on AnyCryptoStock social channels, we gave you calls on three crypto stocks: Apple (xAAPL), Visa (xV), Microsoft (xMSFT)

  • Apple (xAAPL) is moving at the low. Once the international markets recover, Apple will touch 133-136. And as we discussed above that market will gain points again in the upcoming trading sessions. So we can expect a good upside momentum in Apple as well.
  • Microsoft (xMSFT) increased by 3.9% this week. But now the stock is overvalued so we are not confident with this stock anymore.
  • Visa (xV): very strong technicals with Visa.  On 1 day candle xV is moving at their support level and big reversal candles formed after touching the support of trend line. Now on short term basis we are expecting a target price of 244

Let’s look other Stocks:

  • Amazon (xAMZN) dropped by 5% this week and is still moving in declining mode
  • Alphabet (xGOOG) also moves in the same channel like Visa. We are hoping the target price of 2540
  • Alibaba (xBABA) gave a breakout on 1d candle and now moves in a declining mode.

Upcoming Stocks:

In the upcoming week we will work with 4 different stocks.

  1. Visa    
  2. Apple   
  3. Alphabet   
  4. HSBC

International markets and index performance

International markets are moving in a good state. But this week all the markets showed a correction, which is a good sign for waves. A gap opened in the S&P chart, it means the market will recover as soon as possible. There is no need to panic and sell our holdings. Just hold your positions and the market will recover in the upcoming trading sessions.


Why do we discuss international markets in our article while we are working on any crypto stocks?
Because we noticed many times that crypto stocks takes pressure of other markets like S&P, Dow and NYSE etc etc. Also crypto stocks worked on mixed sentiments. World economy is included in that mixed sentiment. By the next week we will try to share some fundamentals  in our weekly report.