The week of Crypto Stocks: risks on HSBC (xHSBC)

  • 22 May 2021
  • Author: AnyCryptoStock staff

This week on AnyCryptoStock social channels, we gave you calls on Apple (xAAPL), Visa (xV), Google (xGOOG) and HSBC (xHSBC).

  • Apple (xAAPL): this week Apple increased by 0.28% and gave good opportunities in swing trading. Also Apple is making a falling wedge channel. In the upcoming week xAAPL makes the bottom of the channel then we will buy xAAPL on a dip with high hopes.
  • Visa (xV): increased by 0.51%. Visa always performs well. That’s why we have some extra feelings about Visa. I hope you people also like to work with a visa. Visa have low risk and high returns.
  • Alphabet (xGOOG): we discussed in the previous article that xGOOG is a slow item but it will touch the target price as soon as possible. Alphabet is on their way.
  • HSBC (xHSBC): it is good for swings. But if xHSBC breaks the level of 31 and goes downward so it would be too risky.

Let’s look other Crypto Stocks:

  • Amazon (xAMZN): Amazon is moving in consolidation from the past 2 weeks.
  • Microsoft (xMSFT): it is making the downward channel. It will drop more points in the upcoming week.
  • Alibaba (xBABA): it increased 0.8%
  • Tesla (xTSLA): Tesla is moving in a consolidation. Also Tesla international sentiments are low nowadays due to the manipulation statement from elon musk. Tesla is not looking attractive at this moment
  • Walmart (xWMT): Walmart performs good and increased by 2.8% and still we have opportunity to invest in xWMT.
  • Facebook (xFB): Facebook is near to breakout we can hope highs from FB.

Upcoming Stocks

In the upcoming week we will work with 4 different stocks.

  1. Apple (xAAPL)
  2. Facebook (xFB)
  3. Walmart (xWMT)
  4. Visa (xV)

International sentiments

International sentiments for stocks are good to go. Because a manipulation statement from Elon Musk collapse the whole bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), etc. Now investors get interested towards stocks rather than bitcoin or other coins.