USxD is on Blockfolio!

  • 1 March 2021
  • Author: Cryptostock

USxD has been listed on Blockfolio! The stablecoin issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation lands on one of the leading platforms for monitoring the cryptocurrency market.

Starting today, it is possible to monitor details and information about USxD, transactions, orderbooks, and much more via the Blockfolio app.

About Blockfolio

Blockfolio is an app that allows users to monitor the performance of cryptocurrencies primarily on mobile devices. Available on the Apple Store and Google Play, it also allows users to buy cryptocurrencies and create their own portfolios. Finally, it also has a useful section for monitoring news and where the Crypto Stock Foundation hopes to have USxD news appear as soon as possible. 

Since USxD is a stablecoin whose value is directly linked to that of the US dollar, the price movements visible on Blockfolio will be minimal. However, it will soon be possible to see the transactions and volumes of USxD, which is currently listed on the AnyCryptoStock exchange, in pair with all Crypto Stocks issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation. 

USxD on Blockfolio, the Crypto Stock Foundation’s comment

The Crypto Stock Foundation welcomed the listing with enthusiasm: 

“This first official recognition gratifies us and rewards us for the work done by the team in recent months. It doesn’t end there. We expect to see USxD on other market monitoring platforms soon and are working to list it on other exchanges as well. We are also working to achieve the same results for Crypto Stocks. 

For the Crypto Stock Foundation, the listing of USxD on Blockfolio is but the first success of a bigger plan. 

“Ours is a slow but inexorable revolution, aiming to change the mechanism of equity investment. Until now, the stock market has been reserved for professional traders and speculators, while our goal is to bring it to small investors as well, relying on the power of blockchain. We are committed and working head down every day to expand this project of ours, and the listing of USxD on Blockfolio is the first small but important step in this direction”.