What are Crypto Stocks

  • 19 January 2021
  • Author: Cryptostock

Crypto Stocks are an innovative financial product created by the Crypto Stock Foundation. 

They take the form of ERC20 tokens representing the shares of the leading publicly traded companies. 

Crypto Stocks revolutionize the world of finance: shares in traditional markets can only be bought using fiat currency. They bring shares into the blockchain world and allow buying them using cryptocurrencies.

Their price replicates that of the shares to which each Crypto Stock is associated. 

This is an investment product that according to the intentions of the Crypto Stock Foundation, will create a trading ecosystem in a decentralized environment that leverages the security, speed and power of the blockchain.

The Crypto Stock Foundation has currently issued 47 Crypto Stocks. The complete list may undergo changes in the future.

How to buy Crypto Stocks

Crypto Stocks are currently listed on AnyCryptoStock, paired with USxD, the stablecoin issued by the Crypto Stock Foundation that is pegged to the US dollar. They will also be listed on other exchanges in the future. They can be held on wallets that support the ERC20 standard

The aim of the Crypto Stock Foundation is for users to have total control over their investments within the market. This is why the model chosen for their trading is based on decentralization: users are solely responsible for their funds. 

Crypto Stocks should be interpreted as a tool for everyone: from the small saver to the professional trader. Indeed, they can also be purchased in a fractional form

To illustrate this: an Amazon share on the Nasdaq is currently worth around $3,100. On the Crypto Stock market, it is not necessary to spend $3,100 to invest in xAMZN: it is also possible to buy just a fraction of it. It only takes $3.1 to become the owner of 0.001 xAMZN (the price is the one at the time of writing this article). 

By allowing fractional purchases, the Crypto Stock Foundation has chosen to be inclusive by allowing even the unbanked to approach the world of traditional finance through cryptocurrencies. 

The other important difference with traditional markets are the opening hours of the markets: trading cryptocurrencies, and thereby also Crypto Stocks, is possible 24/7.

Any moment is the right time to approach Crypto Stocks.